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Marketing Campaign Template

Plan, launch, and track the performance of your campaigns with Wrike’s all-in-one marketing plan template.

Marketing Campaign Management TemplateMarketing Campaign Management Template

All you need to manage marketing campaigns

Planning, executing, and tracking digital marketing campaigns can be difficult. How do you juggle multiple campaigns for different clients? How do you know if your messaging resonates with your target market and your buyer persona? And how can you show these results to your clients?

This marketing campaign planning template has all the tools you need to create impactful campaigns and succeed in your marketing strategy. Use Wrike to:

  • Break client campaigns into manageable phases
  • Track lead data and campaign performance
  • Share campaign ROI with clients

What’s included in this template

Why you need Wrike to plan your campaigns

Explore Wrike’s unique campaign management features and find out how they can benefit your team.

Streamline incoming requests

Create custom request forms to manage incoming tasks. Organize each request into a detailed task that gets assigned instantly to the right person. Add custom fields to ensure marketers or designers get all the info the need.

View real-time performance reports

Get an instant overview of your campaign performance with Wrike’s shareable reports. Analyze ad spend across various channels, monitor link clicks and conversions, and keep track of overall costs.

Combine key marketing metrics

Measure your campaign’s impact with metrics. Use Wrike’s first-of-its-kind performance aggregator across 50+ tools to combine all insights in one simple interface. Assess actual ROI to determine the effectiveness of each campaign.

Rapid online proofing

Speed up your marketing team’s processes with Wrike’s smart proofing software. Add feedback directly to visual assets, @mention colleagues to make changes quickly and seamlessly, and store your final versions in one place.
<p>Deliver campaigns in record time</p>

Deliver campaigns in record time

Free 14-day trial. Easy setup. Cancel any time.

<p>Deliver campaigns in record time</p>

What’s included in this template

  •  Gantt chart view
    Get a visual breakdown of your entire campaign timeline, including key milestones and task dependencies. Never miss a campaign deadline again. Read more about Gantt charts
  • Campaign tracker dashboard
    Track campaign requests, active campaigns, critical milestones, and overdue tasks — all on one board. Explore the functionality of Wrike’s project dashboards.
  • Productivity dashboard
    View all your to-dos in one place — and get them done. Wrike’s personal productivity board shows all your tasks, including those due soon and pending approval.
  • Request form
    Launch new campaigns in seconds. Submit this request form to automatically create a new project in your Campaign Requests folder. Discover more about our request forms
  • Custom workflows
    Wrike’s marketing campaign template includes two pre-built workflows so you can reflect the unique statuses of your tasks and projects. Experience the power of custom workflows.
  • Campaign calendar
    Multiple campaigns running at the same time? Monitor all active campaigns with this calendar, from brand launches to holiday sales. Find out more about Wrike’s calendars.
  • Custom item types
    Get campaigns to market faster with custom item types. This template comes with six item types, including Campaign Brief and Campaign Launch. Learn more about custom item types.
  • Proofing and approval tools
    Accelerate reviews and approvals with Wrike. Add feedback to campaign assets and invite external clients to approve. Explore our proofing and approval software.

How to use Wrike’s marketing plan template

Our marketing campaign management template can help you kick-start your projects in no time. Use it as a reference to learn how Wrike works or to launch your first campaign today. Wrike has plenty of features to help you get started.   

We have created an extensive guide to show you how to: 

Marketing campaign resources

<p>Ready to try this template in Wrike?</p>

Ready to try this template in Wrike?

Free 14-day trial. Easy setup. Cancel any time. 

<p>Ready to try this template in Wrike?</p>


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